What’s Next For Qwest After The Acquisition by Century Link?

Qwest started life out. Names changed over the decade or two. Before they changed from the 1990’s, it was known as US West. They started out being. The future seemed bright. The bottom fell out and the company has been fighting ever since. They brought in a new CEO Dick Notebaert. Until it was acquired by SBC who changed its name, he conducted one of the baby bells. His job was to save. Notebaert had two jobs. One was to stop. Another was to grow. Ed Mueller as CEO retired and replaced him. Everyone hoped for the best. The hope was Mueller Would help the business grow. That was not the case. We have seen many Mergers over the last ten years. There are three baby bells. Verizon and AT and T are the two biggest. They and baby bells combined. They have grown the two cell phone networks, the two largest IPTV providers. They are growing and have transformed themselves.


Qwest on the other hand is not. They do not own their own wireless enterprise. Verizon is resold by them. They do not possess their IPTV service. A satellite IPTV services is resold by them. They are the Company they were. Clients are being taken by competitors like cableĀ iptv companies and they are currently taking any themselves away like Verizon and AT and T do. Now the company is being obtained by Century Link. This is a tiny phone company that has been growing through acquisitions. They are acquiring. Now the future depends This Company does. The bottom line is that we do not yet know. We will now go although Century Link has not been followed by us. There are baby bells for sale.

There are smaller ones. That is likely. There are wireless carriers. They have gone through a wave of consolidation. We do not have the answers yet. They might not either time. We will have to wait and see. They must complete Qwest’s purchase. We would not expect anything until after the purchase. It will be interesting to find out what happens alongside investors, services, clients and employees. What and changes remains the same. Will this business grow to a competitor or will they continue to serve clients as is a bigger version of who they were. We do not understand although the future could be bright. It will be interesting to watch the inning in this game play out.