The symptoms of trauma you should know about

There are different symptoms that may indicate the existence of these traumas. You need to know about the symptoms to fight trauma effectively. Let us talk about the symptoms to trauma in detail. Click here to know about drganeshramalingamsingapore.

Insomnia and nightmares at night

You probably remember the traumatic episode overnight. You can remember isolated details or relive the whole experience again. Visit this site to know about dr ganesh ramalingam singapore.

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Greater irritability

You are more sensitive to any circumstance, fundamentally to those that resemble the situation that caused the emotional trauma.

Anxiety and nervousness

In recent times you feel nervous, anxious and apprehensive almost for anything. You are likely to always be alert, in a state of tension, as if something bad was going to happen at any time.


You have developed a fear of different situations, even the most normal ones from day to day. You are also likely to startle easily and overreact to stimuli.

Confusion and difficulties concentrating

You have trouble re-finding your daily rhythm, you feel confused and find it difficult to concentrate.

Feeling of guilt and shame

Sometimes victims feel a deep sense of shame because they believe that the traumatic event has been their fault. Or they could be very angry and blame others for what happened.

Emotional indifference

Perhaps you have begun to feel that nothing matters to you, the activities that you were passionate about have stopped being interested and you feel disconnected from your emotions.