Gitzo Traveler Tripods – Comparing the GT1541T

The Gitzo Traveler 1541T and 1542T are tripods lightweight and compact enjoy the traveler name suggests. Yet while proceed to the street and they are made to fit in bag, both tripods still have stability and the support that you would expect from an item of equipment. Starting with the GT1542T as the newer version, a professional photographer would recognize it may hold cameras and video equipment weighing over 17.5 pounds with no damage to the tripod’s stability. At this weight capacity, it is possible to essentially encourage a digital SLR camera, up to grade that is professional and a lens of the 200 millimeter variety. You could place flash and other equipment. That is a stunning capability to get a tripod that weighs just 2.2 lbs. Perhaps even more impressive is that this tripod folds up to a closed span of less than 16.75 inches.

At that size, the GT1542T can fit into any bag or readily be strapped together with edge or the trunk of a camera traveling backpack. Among the reasons for this benefit is that the Gitzo Traveler’s bottoms comes compared to the tripods that may have the exact height but fold compactly. As a brother tripod in the series, the Gitzo GT1541T Traveler tripod has specifications that are similar. It can support the exact same weight of more than 17.6 lbs and does so using a tripod weight of 2.14 lbs. This best gorilla tripod, however, is even more impressive in its own compact height, folding up to only slightly over 16.1 inches. In enabling it to fit in travel bags again, a difference is made by the four leg sections. Just like it is newer companion tripod, the GT1541T can encourage SLR cameras digital or film with lenses around and approximately 200 millimeters, in addition to compact video camcorders.

When extended, both tripods have height but they are not as tall as other tripods of the compact selection. The GT1541T can reach about 55 inches while the GT1542T gets up to over 58.5 inches. Once the centre column is down rather than rose that height is less than 46 inches on the latter. The centre column brings the added advantage of enabling shooting. While your camera will be lowered by the 1542T to below 9 inches the GT1541T will get your camera off the floor. In general, these tripods are excellent travel accessories level. But if you were to evaluate one area of small Sacrifice, it is this height that is restricted. The difference is noteworthy for Tall photographers but it would not go undetected over when shooting.