Two Men and a Truck … Naw!

Moving can be a tiring and stressful experience. One thing that can make it infinitely easier is to have help. Helping with a move is not necessarily anyone’s favorite activity, but people are usually still willing to lend a hand. However, there are a few things that you can do to help make it more appealing and more enjoyable for the people that help you out.

Offer Food

Food can be one of the best motivators. You don’t even necessarily have to offer a full meal, but any food helps. If you’re starting early, consider doughnuts and coffee for your helpers. If it’s good weather, maybe have a cook out when you’re done. Least of all, some sort of snack lying around will due just fine. A couple of bags of chips and some soda or juice are plenty to suffice. Food will help keep everyone moving, plus it helps to keep people from getting cranky. Not bad things at all!

Offer Money

Bottom line is, most people won’t take it. However, if you can, at least offer to pay for gas for the people helping you out. As stated, many people will decline, especially since you’re probably working with close friends and family. Nonetheless, it helps to show people you appreciate them and the effort they’re making to help you out. fast logistics

Keep Calm

Snapping at people because you’re caught up in stress is not going to do any good, and won’t be likely to earn you much help in the future. Try to keep your stress and bay and simply go with the flow. Things are probably going to go wrong, but that’s life. Might as well accept it!

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Have Other Tasks

Everyone may not be able to lift and carry heavy boxes and furniture. People also may tire out. However, they’re around to help, so let them help! Allow others to do some basic unpacking for you if they’re willing. Believe me, it will end up making your life easier in the long run. You can also have people work on assembly, or even holding doors and directing lifters. A little organization can go a long way.

Return the Favor

If someone asks you to help move, help out if you can. Actions speak louder than words, don’t just tell people you’ll help them if they move, actually go and help. This is especially important if they have helped you move in the past. Plus, it’s just good karma!

Say Thanks

A simple thank you to the people that help you out is important. People just want to be appreciated! If you have the time and resources, thank you notes wouldn’t be amiss either. It’s imperative that you let people know how much you are grateful for them taking the time and energy to help you. A little thank you means an awful lot.