Stop Wasting Electricity – Effective Home Energy Saving Tips to Lower Utility Bills

One of the greatest challenges every average homeowner faces is how to lower their service bills. In the event that you are one of them, these simple yet practical home energy saving tips may very well keep you from wasting electricity in your home and paying for it with your hard-earned dollars.

Based on the figures presented by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), the average monthly service bill in the United States is about $99.70, with some states, (for example, Hawaii) paying significantly more. It is okay in the event that you are really using that much energy in your home, yet actually you are most probably not. Instead, you are paying for wasted electricity – energy that you did not use. How annoying can that be?

One thing’s for sure – you do not need to pay that a lot to power your home.

Fortunately, there are great deals of ways that can help you save on waste electricity. Here are some practical suggestions on how you can see a positive difference in your monthly electrical bill without having to break the bank.

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Seal the leaks.

The primary logical step in reducing your service charges is to make sure that your home is not leaking energy. Along these lines, check for leaks on your doors, ledges, windows, cracks on the walls, and joints. A home that is not properly insulated uses up more energy than necessary. Unfortunately, most houses worked before the 1980’s belong to this category.

To make sure your house does not leak energy, you need to insulate it properly. Seal your doors and the cracks on your walls with quality sealants. Cover your windows with plastic coating so the heat will be contained inside your home. These simple steps can reduce the load on your heater and air conditioning system, and help you get you great savings on your next electric bill!

Use your thermostat control wisely.

Here is a smart tip in using your thermostat. When you want to cool your room because the heat is getting unbearable, do not simply turn the thermostat to its lowest setting. You cannot instantly cool your room that way yet it is a great way to consume more energy than you really need!

Remember, your thermostat would not adjust as fast as you want to. In this way, whether you gradually switch it or instantly set it on its lowest, you will basically get the same result. The only difference is that you will spend more energy in doing so.  Setting the thermostat several degrees lower when you are out or when you are sleeping is another great energy saving idea that can make a great difference in your service bills.