Essential Uses of Red Light Therapy in Weight Loss

Have you ever stopped to wonder why fire engines and stop lights are coloured red? Maybe you have noticed that certain colours just lift your spirits and put you in a terrific mood while they may do the exact opposite for your partner or friend. There is good reason for this. Scientific data confirms that each colour found in the visible light spectrum has it is own measurable wavelength and vibration frequency. This means that the colour blue is vibrating at a different frequency, or energy level, than the colour red. Individuals, in addition to our animal companions, will have varying responses to each particular frequency.  It is these particular vibrations of colour that treat various conditions by encouraging healing and balance in all areas which our bodies or those of our animal companions are lacking. Problems on physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual amounts might be treated.

To fully understand how colour treatment works and the degree that it functions on, it is important to get a general comprehension of the human or animal energy area. Besides our observable physical bodies, we are each composed of bodies, including the aura or subtle bodies, chakras, and meridians. Universal life force energy enters our area through the subtle bodies and works it is way through them into the chakras. From there it travels across the meridians and makes it is way to the nervous, circulatory and endocrine systems and then on into the cells, organs and tissues of the body. When our energy areas are clear of blockages, blockages and negative influences this method runs smoothly and decent health is preserved, nevertheless issues, even the ones that are psychological in nature can interfere with this stream.

Administering colour to animals can be achieved in various ways including using collared fabrics for bedding and blankets, picking specific colours for halters and collars, bathing those lights from a colour-filtered light source or solarising their drinking water. To use red light therapy for weight loss colour via mild, simply place a collared light or normal light with a theatrical colour gel or foil over it in a place of the home or stall with a comfortable spot for them to break and permit the creature to gravitate to the place by themselves.

Their instincts will naturally guide them towards what their bodies need. It is essential to be sure that they are not exposed to the in a crate, cage or small stall where they are unable to break free from it when they want to. They will intuitively understand if and when they have had enough. To solarise drinking water, simply surround a glass jar of water with a suitably collared theatrical gel and leave it in the sunlight for several hours. Then serve this water into your animal companion in their water or dish bucket.