Know More About Circuit Board Assembly

Promax Technology Integration deals with manufacturing the best custom circuit boards in Singapore. They even offer to assemble complete circuit boards. Since they are the solution for printing and manufacturing all kinds of circuit boards. They offer a huge range of options such as Chip on Board (COB) to Surface Mount Technology (SMT). Also, you can receive endless capabilities for your production with their printed circuit board assembly services.

Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Assembly in Singapore

Promax Technology Integration has an experience of 24 years in giving PCB assembly services to its customers, they have an understanding of what the customers require from their custom PCB assembly. In this, both partial turn-key and full turn-key PCB assembly services are included.

What is the difference between the two?

Partial Key Service – This means that the customer can order components or parts of the circuit board and Promax Technology Integration deals with the remaining process. The company purchasing can offer the components and Promax Technology will look after the quality inspection, assembly, and shipment.

Full Turnkey Service – Promax technology integration gives full turn key system preference too in which they deal with the process from start to end. Your only job is to send them your preferred design and the rest is their work to do. They will take care of everything from ordering components, installing elements on PCB, and delivering the result order.

Hire The Best!

Promax Technology Integration is your go-to choose for manufacturing custom circuit boards. They are the leading market for custom PCB assembling in Singapore and can be trusted for making trusted PCB boards for companies.